When Cameron Clay loses his job and is forced into foreclosure on their Seattle home, there's no choice but to move the family to the coastal town of Jacob's Landing, where land has remained in the Clay family for generations. But within days of their arrival, the body of a man washes up on the shore of their property, thrusting them into the spotlight and tearing away all that has hidden this small town's big problems. 

The residents of Jacob's Landing all have their suspicions as to who or what is to blame—what lies out there in the woods surrounding their community. Some cling to their beliefs in Bigfoot, sea creatures, aliens, and ghosts, while others point a finger at the Native Americans across the river. Racial tensions flare, reigniting wounds from the decades-old tribal fishing rights controversy, another murder years ago perceived as racially motivated, and—ultimately—atrocities carried out on the tribe 150 years ago. 

As a battle rages unseen by angels and demons for the townspeople's souls, the mysterious, otherworldly Ms. Belle gives Josh a long-lost letter from his ancestor Benjamin Clay, one of the town's first pioneers. It is the first of many clues that lead the kids on a quest to find the truth as to what happened generations ago in Jacob's Landing, a quest that will take them to the ruins of Underground Seattle, burned during the great fire of 1889; deep into the woods bordering their new home, where holes like graves mysteriously open and close; in search of the treasure rumored to have been hidden somewhere along the coast by Sir Francis Drake; and back into the town's tragic history of exploiting its original Native American inhabitants.

Through all the chaos, God is at work, and this man's death is not only a catalyst to bring to light everyone’s theories as to “what lies out there." It also forces Joshua and his entire family to choose whether or not to take steps toward God in a way they never have before—to recognize not only that it is God who is “out there,” and that He is, in fact, “right here” waiting for us to encounter Him. 

Season One: “The Awakening”

Story Synopsis