Warning! Episode loglines may contain spoilers

The Clays finally discover their ancestor Benjamin Clay's part in the injustice done to the tribe 150 years earlier, and they must decide once and for all where to place their faith. 
Steve’s search for the Drake treasure leads him headlong into a collision with the Sheriff and Deputy's murder investigation. 
Cameron takes the kids back to downtown Seattle to wrap up paperwork on their foreclosed house, Josh, Brooke, and Piper are followed by a mysterious, otherworldly figure, driving them into Underground Seattle, where they discover yet another clue to the puzzle of Jacob's Landing and their ancestor, Benjamin Clay. 
Ethan’s guilt regarding his dad’s death begins to get the best of him, JB and Julia's pregnancy will either tear them apart or pull them together, and Josh begins to wonder whether the voice he heard at night might somehow be connected to all the strange happenings around town.
When the Clay kids investigate the holes in the woods that seem to appear and disappear, they begin to suspect who may be behind them. 
Days after the Clay family moves into town, the body of a local washes up on their property, causing the townspeople to air their suspicions as to “what lies out there.” 

Episode Loglines:

Episode 1

“Preface to an Adventure”

Episode 2


Episode 3


Episode 4

“Notes from Underground”

Episode 5

“Fools Gold”

Episode 6